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Get a better price in less time

Once qualified, buyers can start bidding from day one and all bids are visible - even if it is below the your reserve price. You can approve buyers with flexible terms to bid in the negotiation, meaning there’s more chance the sale price will reach its full potential.

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Real-time buyer feedback

You'll get instant buyer feedback throughout the entire process. How refreshing! Designed to encourage buyer competition in a shorter time frame, you and your agent will be able to see all competing bids and watch the process occur in real time.

Never feel locked-in

Why should you be locked in to an agency agreement? We think that's outdated, it's time for a fresh approach to real estate. It's your property, you deserve the right to choose. Like we said, it's the way real estate should be!

Buying and selling real estate has lacked transparency, until now.

Many agents over-promise and fail to deliver. This can leave you feeling confused and frustrated.
Selling your home with Openn Negotiation gives you more control and more transparency. We think that's the way Real Estate ought to be.
- Mike Brady


What is Openn Negotiation?

Too many property sellers feel pressured into taking the wrong offer. You deserve better! Openn Negotiation is a transparent sales method which helps Sellers find the true market price for a property, through an online bidding platform.

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Some of our Openn Negotiation success stories

Gary Revell

Sold two properties with Mike Brady using Openn Negotiation™

Jo Mitchell

Sold her property for an "above-market" price with Mike Brady using Openn Negotiation™

Anthony Vecchio

Purchased a property with Mike Brady using Openn Negotiation™

The #1 Online Auctioneer in NSW for Openn Negotiation

I sold two properties with Mike, using the Openn Negotiation™ process. It's a game changer.

Gary Revell

When you choose Openn Negotiation, you'll know exactly when you'll sell... No more uncertainty, no more waiting.

Sell with confidence.

Openn Negotiation gives you control... Not your Real Estate Agent


A truly transparent process

Now, there's no need to play games with agents, it's tiresome and frustrating. We're changing the game for the people of Newcastle & Lake Macquarie.


Know you've made the right decision

Our fresh approach to buying and selling means that you'll be in control at each step. Wake up tomorrow where you want to be and skip the stress and uncertainty.


More buyers, more competition

With our approach to real estate, your buyers can be located anywhere in the country... or the World. When you show your property to more buyers, you win!

Need an Openn Negotiation Auctioneer?

Does this sound familiar?

  • "I felt tricked, I felt like I could have sold for more with another agent"

  • "My agent was extremely enthusiastic in the beginning, they stopped communicating when things got tough"

  • "We spent a small fortune on marketing and it didn't sell"

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    "I don’t want to overprice my property to scare off buyers or under-price to sell for less than what it’s really worth"

Sell with more certainty, get the best possible price, in less time.